My name is zev asch...

I am a battle-tested, small and family-owned business veteran. I spent over three decades working for small business owners and played a major role in growing each company: From a startup IT that grew to over $300,000 in two years to a $3,000,000/year family-owned medical device manufacturer which expanded internationally, reached $15,000,000/year in sales and was acquired in 2008 for $22,000,000. To a $7,000,000/year small disposable medical device distributor which experienced a 14% sales growth at the height of the 2011 recession.

In 2012, I founded LEDAZA, fulfilling a lifelong dream of entrepreneurship and a passion for sharing my marketing & sales expertise as well as a unique experience of growing small and family-owned businesses.  

In addition to a solid academic training, BA in Psychology and MBA in Marketing, I offer the unique perspective of someone who has successfully mastered how to harness the digital revolution and leverage 21st century marketing towards continuous and sustainable growth of any business!

Working with me is about experiencing true collaboration; an experienced and trusted business partner that isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the work for his clients. My clients demand results and I work tirelessly to deliver.