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Zev Asch


"As an entrepreneur who is involved in multiple businesses I was taken back by the street-smart approach of this book. Not having to read it cover to cover was also creative. I picked a topic, read the quick story or case and it stayed with me for a while. A really good find. ". 5 STARS....


"Sound advice for small-midsize business owners who want to see growth. It's 73 examples of concrete actions which anyone can make specific to their industry. Obviously some of the tips are not going to resonate with you, but there is more than enough inside to make it worth your while and money."


"He doesn’t just chase the latest marketing fad or throw my money around.  He uses modern technology like a millennial but he knows that marketing is all about human behavior. He’s been there and done that.  I always knew that I was benefitting from decades of experience."