Business owners: End your frustration with marketing

Do you find yourself

  • Having to continuously increase your marketing budget only to get lackluster result?
  • Being told by your marketing manager, agency or consultant that it will take more time and money?
  • Recognizing that just Facebook "likes" or social media followers don't pay the bills?

Regardless of the state your business is currently in - struggling, just-making it or doing well - you can grow your business with a trusted and highly experienced marketing executive by your side. It is a more productive and cost-effective alternative: you leverage over three decades of my unique experience in marketing, sales and customer service and all you have to do is run your business- I will manage all aspects of traditional and digital marketing to generate leads, acquire new customers and increase your retention rate.

My month-to-month, no-contract retainer adds a senior marketing executive to your leadership team. I am 100% hands-on and my process is comprehensive - from strategy to marketing plan development to executing and managing every aspect of the Plan - I am focused on delivering measurable results and a return on your marketing investment. Members of my 'team' are strategic (and personally vetted) partners who work under my supervision in areas like web development, graphic design/branding, social media, paid advertising and more. 


1. 360° Business Vital Signs Assessment

The 360º Business Vital Signs Assessment is an in-depth analysis of key drivers in your business with a comprehensive report that identifies:

What is working? | What can be improved? |What is not working?

Included in our final report is an action list of the steps necessary to correct, refine, improve and get your business growing. This is a four-week intense engagement that includes interviews with your leadership team, managers, employees, customers and a comprehensive competitive marketing analysis. This "module" can be purchased separately but it is included with the monthly retainer plan.   Connect to learn more

Ledaza Road Map Circle_500.png

2. Tailored Marketing Plan

We develop (no templates, no cookie-cutter solutions) a marketing Plan (roadmap) that is based on the results of your 360° Business Vital Signs Assessment and it includes the following components:

  • Value Proposition & Differentiation
  • Target Markets & Segments Identification
  • Ideal customers and Persona Development
  • Marketing Mix Selection & Strategy
  • Web Marketing (on/off page), Social and Digital Media (free and paid)
  • Short and long term customer acquisition and retention goals
  • Dashboard of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure a return on marketing investment.
  • Annual marketing budget to meet growth objectives       Connect to learn more

3. Marketing Plan Execution

As your in-house hands-on marketing executive, I manage all aspects outlined in the Tailored Marketing Marketing Plan. I deploy tools and use platforms that fit your existing and target customers. Depending upon the Plan, we bring in members of our my vetted parnters (Web development, social media, etc.). We start slow, measure and adjust based on results. We pick from a wide selection of options:

  • Website content development to enhance differentiation and web engagement & conversions
  • Segmentation and database development of prospects for selected target markets/audiences
  • Segmented email marketing to target specific audiences with tailored content for each one
  • Direct-Mail. We believe in going back to basics and returning to the forgotten power of printed, tangible and creative messaging.
  • Social Media. Careful selection of platform and curation of content to engage with target audiences
  • Paid Advertising: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google AdWords/Bing      Connect to learn more

4. Sales (leads) Conversion

While our marketing plan is designed to generate qualified leads, we always turn our focus to sales in order to ensure that leads "convert" into paying customers.  I conduct a detailed review of the current sales process and review it's effectiveness. Often, I will also implement improvements to improve conversions by:

  • Developing or adjusting the current process designed to engage and convert
  • Training all team members involved in sales on effective sales behavior and practices.  
  • Developing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure, & ensure that sales conversion goals are met.   Connect to learn more

5. Customer Experience & Retention

My Customer Experience & Retention implementation goal is to secure the highest level customer retention as well as a well as drive a dynamic and ongoing referral activity.

  • We improve, or create a process, that protects your existing business and ensure that it is in-sync with our marketing retention campaigns:
  • A detailed, well documented process is developed to address all aspects of the “customer’s experience” including: SOPs (standard operating procedures) for onboarding new customers, handling inquiries, complaints and asking for referrals.
  • Dedicated in-house customer service reps (as well as all other members of the team) are trained to provide consistent and high levels of customer satisfaction.   Connect to learn more