The 360º Business Audit is an in-depth independent and unbiased analysis of what is holding you back. A comprehensive report with observations and recommendations will detail the steps necessary to get your business back on a growth track.

  • The Marketing Audit includes review and analysis of current marketing activities and spend including website, social media advertising, etc., and current ROI on conversions.

  • The Sales Audit includes examining the current sales process, conversion rates, sales cycle and individual performance by members of the sales team. This phase will include personal interviews and meeting with each sales person.

  • The Customer Service audit assesses your customer service operations and the value and experience you provide. We analyse customer retention, brand awareness and how you measure your service culture.

  • The Leadership-Culture Audit includes interviews with members of the management team to gain insight and in-depth understanding of the company’s internal process/operations. This phase typically helps to identify potential managerial or cultural challenges that impact turnover, productivity and growth. Participation in select management, operational and marketing meetings.

Monthly Coaching

No-Contract, cancel anytime, month-to-month coaching. 100% collaborative partnership; think of me as  your in-house trusted and highly experienced adviser. My coaching style is hands-on; I do the work and manage execution with your input and approval.

  • Weekly one-hour session on-site (NY) or via phone/skype

  • Initial business evaluation (profit, return on marketing investment, client retention, sales and a lot more)

  • 50+ questions and the answers that will set your business on a continuous growth path

  • Develop & execute annual Marketing Plan

  • Manage all aspects of marketing; website, social/digital marketing, email campaign and advertising.

  • Review/train sales team (if applicable)

  • Review train customer service associates

  • Develop and manage business Dashboard and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Function as an outsourced marketing & sales executive; I am part of your team and do the work without overloading you, the owner, with unnecessary work. 



We start with a detailed assessment by uncovering all critical aspects of your business:

  • Your sales history
  • Your Profit history
  • The R.O.I on your marketing investment
  • Your customer retention history
  • The quality of your products/service
  • What customers think about you (yes, we interview your customers)
  • A comprehensive analysis of your competitors.
  • A comprehensive analysis of your brand: Is it in-sync and consistent with your marketing message?
  • Your short and long term goals.


We develop a customized plan that is based on the results of our UNCOVERY phase and we then execute all aspects of the Plan. The Marketing Plan addresses the following critical elements:

  • Short and long term customer acquisition and retention goals
  • A tailored dashboard of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure consistent results as well as return on marketing investment.
  • Target Markets & Segments Identification
  • Ideal customers and Persona Development
  • Value Proposition & Differentiation
  • Marketing Mix Selection & Strategy
  • Web, Social and Digital Media Strategy


The role of marketing is to drive prospect and customer engagements which generate an ongoing stream of incoming inquiries. Our sales focus is on creating a system that yields increased and sustained conversions. We achieve results by:

  • Developing an in-house process that is designed to engage and convert.
  • We apply sales automation to increase efficiency and follow up.
  • We train all team members on the recent and proven sales behavior and practices.  
  • We develop sales KPIs to measure, adjust and ensure sales conversion goals are met.

Our customer service system is developed to ensure the highest customer retention as well as dynamic and ongoing referral activity. 

  • A detailed, well documented system is developed to address all aspects of the “customer’s experience.” The system includes SOPs (standard operating procedures) for onboarding new customers, handling inquiring, handling complaints and asking for referrals.
  • Dedicated in-house customer service reps are trained on the new system, as well as all other members of the team to ensure consistency in delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction.