Outsourced Marketing Planning & Execution. 

Marketing attracts and engages with potential shoppers.
Sales converts unsure shoppers into buyers.
Customer Service turns buyers into lifelong customers. 

That's it in a nutshell. Marketing isn't an isolated discipline - business growth starts with marketing and ends with holding on to your customers. 

Welcome to our No-Contract 100% collaborative marketing collaboration; imagine having a trusted and highly experienced in-house partner for less than the cost of a clerical salary!  Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with experienced specialists whose value is planning and execution. My areas of specialty are marketing, sales and ensuring the highest level of customer experience.

The first few weeks of our engagement are focused on my 360° Business Vital Signs Assessment - an intense, objective, unbiased and independent analysis of what is currently working and what needs improvement in your business. The result of our assessment is a detailed report including a competitive marketing analysis and an action-plan.

NEXT, you can select one MODULE (Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience) or all. They are priced for a month-to-month engagement. 


There is a misconception among many business owners that the Internet has simplified marketing; it is just the opposite! Easy and unlimited access to information and customers has complicated marketing; results can only be generated by creative and experienced planning and most importantly, execution.  The first step in our engagement is to develop a customized plan that is based on the results of our 360 Assessment. We then execute all aspects of the Marketing Plan.

Marketing Planning:

  • Short and long term customer acquisition and retention goals
  • A tailored dashboard of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure consistent results as well as return on marketing investment.
  • Target Markets & Segments Identification
  • Ideal customers and Persona Development
  • Value Proposition & Differentiation
  • Marketing Mix Selection & Strategy
  • Web, Social and Digital Media Strategy

Marketing Execution:

As your in-house marketing department, we roll up our sleeves and execute/manage all aspects outlined in the Marketing Planning section. We deploy tools and platforms that are a good fit with your target audience. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy or throwing everything we have at prospects and waiting for some to stick. Only careful strategy and execution yields results (and will save you money in the process).

Return on Marketing Investment:

Aren't you tired of spending your throwing your hard-earned dollars at "anything that moves"? Are you frustrated by a limited budget and confusion about which marketing tools to use? We practice careful and conservative marketing; walk before we run and make decisions based on customer behaviors, results and what differentiates you from the competition. 


The role of marketing is to drive prospect and customer engagements and to generate an ongoing stream of incoming inquiries. Our sales system focuses on creating a system that yields increased and sustained lead conversions. It is a process that must be consistent with our marketing message to yield full impact. We achieve results by:

  • Developing an in-house process that is designed to engage and convert.
  • We apply sales automation to increase efficiency and follow up.
  • We train all team members on the recent and proven sales behavior and practices.  
  • We develop sales KPIs to measure, adjust and ensure sales conversion goals are met.


Our Customer Service system is developed to ensure the highest customer retention and a dynamic and ongoing referral activity. We create a process and follow it up with marketing designed to stay engaged with your customers. 

  • A detailed, well documented system is developed to address all aspects of the “customer’s experience.” The system includes SOPs (standard operating procedures) for on-boarding new customers, handling inquiring, handling complaints and asking for referrals.
  • Dedicated in-house customer service reps are trained on the new system, as well as all other members of the team to ensure consistency in delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction.