Many business owners are frustrated by marketing and I don't blame them. Marketing is everywhere; brand marketing, web marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, direct marketing and so on. Add the overwhelming abundance of marketing "experts" (quotes are intentional) and you have confusion and too often, negative experiences with marketing professionals. You may have heard an old saying that applies here: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS."

The result? Owners decide to go at it alone - hire a young 'digital-native' who knows social media, sends out emails and post blogs on the website. Not surprisingly, what I hear often is, "we tried all of that, it doesn't work." 

Here's the thing: Marketing isn't complicated but it is the most critical aspect of achieving a sustainable and growing business. There's a science to effective marketing but hands-on experience is equally important. You see, marketing is about human behavior and as far as I'm concerned no one (despite many claims to the contrary or many "X Secrets to Crushing It With Marketing") has unlocked the door to the human mind. 

Yes, we know a lot about decision making and how certain words or colors may affect behavior. That's not marketing.

After 30+ years of working the trenches of the small business world, I can equivocally state that marketing is hard work especially in the digital era. Why? Because buyers have unlimited access to information and sellers can "post" and get mostly free exposure and the result is a loud, confusing and overwhelming information "noise" - how will you stand out?  How will you truly connect with potential buyers and keep existing customers? 


Don't go at it alone. Instead, let my team of marketing specialists work with your team and create marketing that gets noticed and results. Our approach is different; efficient marketing is tied to sales (converting leads to customers) and exceptional customer service (keeping and growing existing customers). We develop a marketing roadmap but work with you and your team to ensure that execution carries through your entire organization. Each marketing specialist that works with me has been qualified and certified by me. 

If your business is not performing the way you hope or envision I offer you hands-on collaboration and results, not cookie-cutter templates typically used by industry experts and consultants. I bring a fresh, open-minded, unbiased and challenging perspective along with proven hands-on, invaluable and practical experience.  Scroll down to see what my clients said about their experience.

Are you ready to uncover what’s holding you or your business back? Are you ready for real R.O.I. on your Marketing Spend?

Let’s start with a straight, no-obligation talk about your business, your challenges and your vision. Call or text me at 631.875.4103 (or use the schedule option below).

What Clients Said About Their Experience: 

I love pleasant surprises in business. They don’t happen often, but when they do, it is amazing. Here are a few keywords that come to mind regarding Zev: Integrity, Thoroughness, and Results. Zev has an uncanny ability to quickly dig deep into a company’s sales, marketing and operating processes and results.

If you’re a business executive dealing with the hard task of how to take your business to the next level, stop trying to go at it alone. Consider an unbiased, objective ally who is there to help you. A skilled coach who has your best interest at heart. That’s Zev Asch.
— Peter Karoczkai, Senior V.P. Marketing & Sales
He is different in many great ways. First, foremost and quickly obvious is his passion for serving clients. He literally becomes a part of your team. Then comes his no BS, straightforward and always honest approach - he won’t tell you what you want to hear and often he’ll challenge you with aspects of your business you’d rather not think about and that’s where his great value lies
— S. Calamas CPA, MBA.
Our leads are now better qualified, our prospects are better aligned, and our proposal win rate has gone from 35% to 65%. If you want to fundamentally improve your company, you should give Zev a call.
— John Kollmeier, V.P
This guy is one of a kind! A real out of the box thinker that gets things done.
— Steve Browne, President
From relaunching our new website and social media to smart email campaigns and a highly effective paid advertising programs with Google and Facebook, our business has experienced a remarkable turnaround. Our previously meager online sales will reach over $75,000 in 2017.
— Abe Halberstam, President
“We are a technology company with a cutting-edge IPad app. Zev was able to re-focus my efforts and train me in consultative sales which made a drastic difference in our business. His trade show expertise enabled us to walk away from a major meeting with three times the amount of qualified leads compared to the year before. We increased our customer base both in the NFL and NCAA and are branching out to other sports. Zev has given us the focus, roadmap and tools we needed to achieve better sales conversions.
— Randi Fusee, VP of Sales
Your ability to bring fresh and broadening concepts to our staff was truly inspiring to experience. From our weekly meetings with you to the development of our new websites, your suggestions and advice were invaluable. Although everyone’s future is by definition uncertain, I have to say that our current company-wide optimism and upbeat attitudes are a direct result of your efforts!
— Elly Zomick, Co-Owner
Zev’s experience and the marketing and sales strategies that I learned from him have proven invaluable. I have received positive feedback from day one and have already engaged with potential clients and referral partners. Zev has challenged, and taught me, to accept nothing for granted and have the courage to be extraordinary
— Renee Sojcher, Owner
Zev was able to pinpoint what we wanted to achieve and what steps were needed in order to become more successful. Our business has greatly improved and our focus has changed dramatically. There is no doubt in our minds that we were very fortunate to find Zev
— Alec & Monica Caldwell, Owners