Are you sure about that?

This book was written as a source of practical advice and inspiration for small business owners, entrepreneurs, family-owned multi-generational businesses as well as executives and managers with responsibilities in management, marketing, sales and customer service.


I have always been inspired by real life stories, case studies, and the experience of trying, failing and eventually succeeding; nothing will ever replace focus, hard work, humility and the continual questioning of everything you read and everything you do.

Humility allows you to recognize that you don't know it all. Questioning forces you to take nothing for granted and to strive for continuous improvements. When you think you know something, ask yourself if you're sure. Keep asking. You'll keep getting better. So this collection of years of real life experiences is what I offer. These small business stories are the "real deal" with subject matter that pokes, questions and provides insight on every page.

You will find relevant stories on topics that have influenced outcomes and led to success for some small business owners. Some of my case studies and observations will likely make you smile. Some might get you angry. I'm not promising that you'll uncover secrets or "tips that will crush the competition." I leave that to those "gurus".

My stories are meant to inspire you, beginning with the recognition that you're not alone, that we have a lot in common, and that at the end of each day we simply want to feel good about our business and ourselves as caring and generous human beings. Business is about making a profit and for business owners success is measured not only by being comfortable but by also being able to make a real difference in the lives of customers and employees.


“If you are looking to grow your business and are hitting a brick wall, I would recommend reading Zev's book. In addition, if you reach out to Zev, he will guide you through the process and identify where you should be spending your money, implement changes which will have tremendous results! Highly recommend getting in touch with him directly. If you would want to spin less and win more, you are about to embark on an incredible journey.” Fishman, March 2019

“Great read for anyone who owns their own business or is thinking of starting one! The stories are quick and packed with humor and a great lesson.” Megan, October 2018



“As an entrepreneur, I'm always looking for knowledge, feedback, and answers. This book gave me more to think about than business classes I've taken in the past - and in quite a different way. Zev's no-nonsense, honest and valuable business advice comes straight from personal experience and the heart. This is not your conventional "how to succeed in business" type of book. Instead, Zev gives the reader new ways to think about and approach the way you think about marketing, sales, customer service and managing a business. So much wisdom packed into one place. Highly recommended!” Amazon Reader, October 2018

"As an entrepreneur who is involved in multiple businesses I was taken back by the street-smart approach of this book. Not having to read it cover to cover was also creative. I picked a topic, read the quick story or case and it stayed with me for a while. A really good find. ". 5 STARS....

"Sound advice for small-midsize business owners who want to see growth. It's 73 examples of concrete actions which anyone can make specific to their industry. Obviously some of the tips are not going to resonate with you, but there is more than enough inside to make it worth your while and money."

"He doesn’t just chase the latest marketing fad or throw my money around.  He uses modern technology like a millennial but he knows that marketing is all about human behavior. He’s been there and done that.  I always knew that I was benefitting from decades of experience."