Month-to-Month Business Coaching

Every well known and successful entrepreneur would tell you, "you need a coach." Yet, business owners continue to ignore the advice and choose to go at it alone instead. Contrary to common belief and perhaps negative experiences of coaching, it is not an intangible engagement. Your coach isn't your therapist or someone that overloads you with work you don't have time to complete. No, a coach is the partner you long for, an experienced businessperson and someone that will hold you accountable. For me business coaching is about enhancing what you do well and improving what is lacking; not by speaking on the phone once a week but by doing the work with and for you! I have spent my entire career in the small and family-owned business world and have developed a first-hand understanding of the Small Business DNA - everyone needs a coach but one that offers extensive and proven experience in growing small businesses. 

"How can you help me if you don't know my business?" is a question I am often asked by prospective clients. "This is precisely why I am so effective." All my clients are experts in their field but they are not necessarily good in running a business, marketing, sales, or finance. Most entrepreneurs start with a limited budget, prayers and a lot of improvisations. But, in every business there comes a point when the business demands what the owner can't provide. This is the tipping point for business success; recognizing that you can't do it all, you're not great at everything and most importantly you're courageous enough to admit you need help. 

Coaching is not an abstract proposition; it must yield tangible results and as an owner you must experience improvements in your process, sales, customer retention and brand recognition, to mention a few milestones. The first step in successful coaching is setting measurable milestones that ensure you are getting a return on your coaching investment. Remember, my coaching model is 100% collaborative and hands-on! Think of me as a "rented" highly experienced senior member of your team with focus on marketing, sales and customer service - my coaching is always focused on growing your business. 

Top Two Excuses & Answers for Not Working With A Coach:

"I can't afford it."
If you can't afford to invest in taking your business to a higher level, do you have a viable business? In my experience the issue is rarely affordability but rather, "are you getting results and a return on your what you are currently spending?" - No business can function without spending on marketing, hiring and training sales and customer service reps. When we begin to examine your expenses and lack of results, we frequently find that you can afford coaching. Most owners fail because of poor execution and going beyond their experience or skill set. 

"Can you guarantee results?"
We live in a complex world and growing any business is not an easy task; there are too many variables that can affect growth which is why guarantees of any kind are rare and non existent. My response to the request for guarantees is by limiting your "risk" which can be eliminated at your choosing; by offering a month-to-month engagement and the opportunity to cancel at any time you are free to focus on the positive aspects of our collaboration. 

Coaching isn't for everyone but if you recognize that having a hands-on and experienced partner by your side is what's missing in your business, let's talk and see if we're a good fit. Here's one guarantee: After our complimentary hour+ conversation, you will gain an insight into your business that is both refreshing and challenging. 

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