Why I stopped blogging

"Are You Sure About That?" Zev Asch Growing your small businessI'm back. I took three months off to focus on publishing my first book.I set out to write a book that was different than the 'sucker' books I spent hundreds of dollars buying throughout my career; the ones written by self-made experts, the ones with the ultimate formula for success, the ones that are cleverly written to tease, confuse, overwhelm and drive you to hire the author. I wanted to write a book about my experiences as a non-celebrity, non-guru small business marketing and sales guy. A book that challenges, teaches and inspires by sharing case studies and observations about the pillars of small business success; management, marketing, sales and customer service. Writing is a commitment but something that I find extremely fulfilling. Publishing, on the other hand,  is downright scary; well self-publishing is for sure. We live in a click-to-submit world and it sets up false expectations; you still have to edit, format, design a cover, decide who you are dedicating the book to and come up with a digital marketing strategy even before you upload the manuscript. Then, the anticipation (and the stress) of the arrival of "the box" and making sure you didn't screw up. There's no restart button when it comes to publishing; it's a done deal and your name is on the cover. The end.

Or maybe the beginning of a different way to touch and impact small business owners around the world,  the real reason why I wrote the book. Yes, it's kind of cool to be able to add "published author" to my bio, not unique mind you, it seems that everyone I know is an author. I'm certainly late to this party but I really don't mind because my book is one hundred percent original; I wrote each and every word, I didn't buy a template, I didn't regurgitate other people's words or renamed them; every word comes from the mind, heart and soul of a hard working small business guy.  That's quite different and I am sure about that.

I am under no delusions that this book will deliver financial freedom or propel me to the top of the self-made gurus league. Don't get me wrong, I will be honored if you buy my book and I would be even more delighted if you tell me you loved it. The book is out there and if it makes a difference in someone's small business I've accomplished my goal.

If you want to know who I dedicated the book to and read excerpts click HERE.

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