The world is full of sales experts. They'll tell you what to say or not to say.

They'll tell you what you were supposed to say and why what you said was a mistake.

They'll give you a proven checklist that you must follow.

Here's the thing: everyone has an opinion and while some people mean well most of the advice you are going to get is useless.

No one lives in your head except you. No one can feel what you feel. Imitation may be a sincere form of flattery as long as you don't give up who you are in the process.

So while education and training are critical for sales success nothing can replace just being you. Genuine, original and unscripted.

The world of sales changed right before our eyes. Sales as we know it is dead.

Hoards of sales gurus are desperately rebranding themselves with futile attempts to modernize their approach but the essence of what they preach (like Always Be Closing) never changes.

Sales is dead.

Sales is about the last (and necessary) transaction, the final step in a non-sales process that ends with "are you ready to proceed with an order?" If you earned the right to ask that question it is likely that you will walk away feeling great.

What must precede the transaction phase is unscripted behavior: not what they told you to say or do but a genuine desire to deliver a real and differentiating benefit to those who 'raised their hand" and indicated they have a challenge.  Everything you do is driven by the will to serve and often all it means is that you just have to listen for a while.

There is a chance that genuine and unscripted will cause you to lose the sale but it is far better than selling your soul to the sales devil.

Don't worry it'll work next time because real can be trusted and customers are getting incredibly good at telling real from just sales.