The only New Year's resolution that matters

Full disclosure: I don't believe or like resolutions. For some it is a tradition that makes the New Year feel like a new year. For many others it is a milestone that is set with excitement and conviction and , more often than not, it will be displaced by some other urgent need and ultimately replaced three hundred and sixty four days later. What's the point? It is unlikely that this resolution came about on the eve of the New Year. You've been thinking about it for a while. So why wait? If you have to change, just do it. Then, monitor your progress, adjust and revisit your goal. It is a process just like running a marathon - it is very different than sprinting. And, whatever happens, don't come up with a new one until you have mastered the one that matters the most. Which brings us to the subject line of this post.

The only "resolution" that is worth repeating each year is a commitment to being unselfish. We are surrounded by a universe of souls with a common need: everyone loves to experience kindness, at any level and at anytime. Zig Ziglar said: "close your eyes and think about those in your life you love the most. Then imagine they were gone."  That sense of renewed appreciation for all that we take for granted is a resolution that needs to be repeated every morning.

For those of us who were quick to mourn the young generation born to everything-digital and kids who lack the personal touch, there is hope. Here is an example of the type of spontaneous caring and appreciation that makes all other resolutions null and void. Watch it here

Happy Holidays