The Comedian's Principle:

The Comedian's Principle:

Jerry Seinfeld said that he worked over a month in the first three minutes of his act. Every comedian knows that the first few minutes determine whether you will hold on to, or lose the audience.

How much time do you spend on your business?

While stand-up comedy is a do-or-die engagement, the stakes aren't this high when it comes to your company. Or are they?

Here's the thing; the comedian's principle isn't about making people laugh - that's what she is supposed to do. Brilliant comics excel at holding the audience's attention for the duration of their act - it is a monumental task (if you've ever tried stand-up) that can only be accomplished as a result of an exhaustive planning process.

You, my entrepreneurial friend, are in the same boat: You must hold the attention of your customers, attract new ones, keep your employees engaged and keep your business culture fresh for everyone to be willing to buy tickets for your next act.

Comedians bomb sometimes, we all have bad days. But the ones who are willing to spend two hundred dollars to see a live show, the ones we watch on reruns and the ones that are still standing after many years of performing, work diligently to refine their craft and never take anything for granted.

You're a few days from making dumb resolutions. Please don't.

Just sit down and plan your next act. Hold yourself accountable; customers and your employees are watching.

There is a good chance that your curtain will rise for a second-act, but how big will your audience be?