Marketing isn't perfume

Do you stop and evaluate your marketing plan or activities? “Or” because so many business ‘just do it’ rather than develop a detailed plan and a criteria to measure performance.

Marketing isn't perfume. You don't want your message sprayed in the face of everyone who comes into contact with your brand. No matter how good it smells in the beginning, it always stinks after a while.

Instead, think of marketing as the makeup section. None of the selling agents pick random colors and start applying them. To make the sale requires getting to know the woman sitting on the high chair. The more you know, the more you adopt, the deeper your engagement and the higher the probability of a sale.

Too often, we're tempted to just spray. It is tempting for sure - everyone has a website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email campaigns, SEO - marketing agencies will tell you that if you don't spray your message you’re going to be left behind.

Put the bottle away. Get to know your customers. Find out what problems you can solve. Ask them tell you. Do your homework. Then tell them that you exist to help them out.

Do that and you'll come out smelling like a rose.