Just Admit It. You're Afraid of Change So You Settle for Average.

How often do you come across a business owner or manager who won't make a decision? Right, all day long. So why is it that people with intelligence love to stick their head in the sand and...enjoy the view? A lot has been written and spoken about "get out of your comfort zone", blah blah. It's all good stuff by people that are a lot smarter than most of us. But, if it is such good stuff, then why isn't anyone following? making business decisionsWhat is it about us humans that makes us so afraid to make a decision? Any decision. Now, if the decision involves investing money -Forgettaboutit! What I find amazing is that we are exposed on a daily basis to successful business people that risked everything, worked through years of hardship but "made it happen". They have the same brain and nervous system that controls  major organs. Exactly the way ours does. So, what is different between someone who can make a decision and those that won't?

Some decisions are life-changing and highly risk. Got it. But, on average, business decisions require careful thought and analysis and then...just do it! It isn't as though someone is asking you to bungee jump off a bridge while apologizing that the rope is too long and they don't have  scissors to shorten it. You would have to make a simple decision, simple because the consequences are obvious: Long rope = major impact, the end. Most of the decisions we face on a daily basis in business are not life-and-death decisions. So why are business owners engaged in avoidance so often?

I believe that the issue isn't about being afraid or not wanting to spend money. Here's my take:

  1. We live in a world that discourages risk-taking. We live in  "I told you so" world. We are surrounded by "who's fault was it" culture. We spend way too much of our time on CYA (cover-your-ass) politics rather than what is in the best interest of customers. 
  2. We waste energy chasing "certainty". We are more than willing to take a risk when the outcome is guaranteed. Really? I hate to use a cliche about guarantees but you know what they say about death and taxes?
  3. When you engage in decision-avoidance behavior, you are in effect settling for AVERAGE,  if you're lucky. For many avoiding necessary decisions has far reaching and negative consequence.
  4. This is a fast-moving business world with cloud technologies that make or break businesses. "I should have" are words you simply can't afford to use anymore.
  5. Since there is zero probability that you'll have certainty, doing nothing, while the rest of the world is moving forward, is settling for...NOTHING as an outcome.
  6. Most importantly, when business owners avoid making a decision that will increase customers' experience and satisfaction, they have given up on their vision. While you're making excuses, some competitor out there is taking risks and learning how to growth their company.
  7. There is one thing that is certain in the world of uncertainty -- Do nothing and you're certain to be left behind...or worse.


*photo courtesy of www.downhilladventures.com