Don't pick up it's a private caller

Funny how the digital age has transformed us. We went from protecting our identity and privacy to demanding transparency, and for good reasons. It's all out there if you have at least one finger and an internet connection. That is why I am amused when the phone rings and "private number" is displayed. You're selling and I'm not buying. Period.

Let's talked about LinkedIn. I don't accept an invitation to connect from an empty square box. I'd like to know who I am connecting with. It's clearly the twenty-first century and I doubt anyone on the witness relocation program would be foolish enough to use LinkedIn (unless of course, unless they have their own group).  Speaking of photos, I wish LinkedIn would enforce the two-year-rule when it comes to photos. Seriously, why would you post the equivalent of your prom photo when clearly there is no resemblance or little chance that anyone will be asking you out looking like this? (I'm sorry for being cruel, but feeling like I've been had so often is crushing me).

Second to "no photo" profiles, are those (thankfully, very few of those are left) who reply to a connection request with: "Do I know you?"  I am tempted to say " ah, no, but if you change your private number we can really get to know each other".

With our lives out there as an open book, it is comforting to know that we can still exercise our freedom of choice and elect to not communicate with people who are still stuck in the nineteenth century.