Cruising Altitude

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You own a business. 

You pilot your plane.

There is no licensing exam to certify business ownership; you simply decide one day to climb into the cockpit. You might have an imaginary co-pilot but chances are you're all alone. And after a few pre-flight checks (website, social media, product in inventory, a few dollars in the bank) you take off. 

Your employees and customers are in the cabin; seats in their upright and locked position, trays stored, seat belts buckled and you're pretty sure no one is reading the safety instructions. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. 

You reach cruising altitude. Autopilot is switched on. 

How's business?

What do you think about, all alone in the cockpit - how much fuel is left? how long before you get there? when will you be able to afford a new, bigger plane?

Are you concerned about how your passengers will remember their experience? 

Do you disengage the autopilot when you hit turbulence? Will you take over? 

Who's in your control tower? Do they give you just facts or guide you? 

How often do you switch frequency or towers? 

There is a high probability that you'll land safely and that you'll do this again tomorrow. 

Uneventful routine is an artificial safety net.

Turn auto-mode off, go back and talk to your passengers, thank your flight attendants and practice emergency landings. If something goes wrong, and it will, you'll be ready. 

Safe Trip.