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Did he really just say that?

There's a lesson here that goes beyond shipping a box; I see this "miss" way too often in other areas - the restaurant that charges an extra $2 for sharing a meal, the direct seller refusing a return and pointing you to the small print no one ever reads, and the list goes on.

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Customer ServiceZev Asch
Blind Obedience.

"Buying Experience" is the most critical aspect of differentiating any business; it is the 'one thing' that allows you to hold on to existing customers and to attract new ones. And therefore, because so many of us increasingly buy online, the brick-and-mortar shopping experience has to exceed all expectations because we have an easy alternative at our fingertips. Yesterday, I was online at RiteAide and stood behind a lovely eighty-year-old sweet lady buying a six-pack of beer.

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