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To win the race you must first qualify.

Qualifying for the race requires hard work. When you line up with other racers who qualified you earned the right to be considered by customers. But, from where I stand and what I experience every day with our clients, we must recognize that we live in a world where we have to re-qualify time and time again.

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A tribute to my Mother

I must admit, I don't need Mother's Day to remember my mother. She's etched in my memory and heart forever. But, a few days ago was the  anniversary of her passing, I thought it would be good to share her with the world. (Yes, this is Mom and me in the photo). My biological mother passed away two weeks after I was born from a rare infection.

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Blind Obedience.

"Buying Experience" is the most critical aspect of differentiating any business; it is the 'one thing' that allows you to hold on to existing customers and to attract new ones. And therefore, because so many of us increasingly buy online, the brick-and-mortar shopping experience has to exceed all expectations because we have an easy alternative at our fingertips. Yesterday, I was online at RiteAide and stood behind a lovely eighty-year-old sweet lady buying a six-pack of beer.

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