Bring it back, please

I love the “find my phone'“ feature even though I haven’t had to use it yet- but that comfort-level feeling in the event I lose my cell phone is well, comforting.

How about “finding common courtesy?” I miss it, don’t you?

I’m not asking for a lot, just a simple acknowledgement, yeh, that common courtesy.

  • “I received your email and I’ll get back to you shortly”

  • “Got your text, stand by”

  • “I noticed you called, I’ll call you back later today”

  • “Thank you for your proposal, we’re not interested at this time”

I get it - we’re all sooo busy, hammered from all directions, there’s just not enough time in a day to practice common courtesy.

Yes there is.

Here’s the thing; it is frustrating and hurtful when you’re on the receiving end of ‘silence’ yet you expect everyone else to be courteous (any of the options above). Why is that? What happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”

Texting has become the new form of communications - nothing to ‘open’, simply glance at your cell and move on. Don’t like it? Type STOP and you’re done. UNSUBSCRIBE, the equivalent (and legal requirement) of stop spamming me doesn’t work - very few companies allow you to opt out with just one click and instead take you through a torturous route of having to explain yourself - in most cases, I didn’t ask for the spam so why do I have to tell you why I don’t like it?

“Your call is important to us.” - then why keep me on hold? If it was truly important you would have the right number of reps answering calls/chats.

Politicians have made lying, denying, spinning and “alternative truths” acceptable. We can and must do better than that, in our private lives but especially in business.

I love the word CONGRUENT (“identical in form”) a word you don’t hear too often. It takes a level of courage and integrity to practice congruence in business - in simple terms, “walk-the-walk” or stay true to who you are and why you’re in business -stand behind your product or service, own your mistakes and never give a customer any reason to shop the competition.

The loss of common courtesy is a choice not a byproduct of our busy lives. I know you saw my email just like I know you chose not to respond to it.

“If I answer every email or text I’ll never get anything done.” - unlikely and a poor excuse. “If you want something done give it to a busy person,” in other words, if you manage your time and know how to prioritize, you’ll be fine.

I’m not looking for instantaneous responses - that would be unrealistic and unfair. Take whatever time you need but “just do it.”

Zev Asch