Look at your bills.

There is a good reason why I stopped subscribing to "try for 30 days, cancel anytime" offers that require a credit card.  I looked at my credit card statement recently, a bit more carefully than usual, and discovered a bunch of charges I completely forgot about.

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Didn't. Doesn't. Won't

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with small business owners is their lack of patience when it comes to marketing. 

I get it, the Internet is to blame; the deceptively easy tools we use to reach prospects and customers (social media, email, blog) create equally false expectations:  the digital equivalence of "If you build it they will come" is "if you post it or email it they will buy."

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MarketingZev Asch
A tribute to my Mother

I must admit, I don't need Mother's Day to remember my mother. She's etched in my memory and heart forever. But, a few days ago was the  anniversary of her passing, I thought it would be good to share her with the world. (Yes, this is Mom and me in the photo). My biological mother passed away two weeks after I was born from a rare infection.

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BlogZev Asch
Unhide your unsubscribe option.

It never fails and happens each time I get a little bit excited. 

I read a lot, I am all over the web and occasionally I come across great content. Since I'm a marketing guy I accept the quid-pro-quo - in exchange for my email I get the content - and there lies the "black ice of marketing" which causes so many marketers to crash and burn. 

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Email MarketingZev Asch
How to set a marketing budget.

It's that time of year again. At this point, you should be finalizing your 2018 goals and give your written marketing plan a final review. But wait, "what about the budget"?

The dreaded "B" word sends chills down every business owner's spine - it can only mean that we'll be spending money...again.

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Zev Asch
Cruising Altitude

You own a business. 

You pilot your plane.

There is no licensing exam to certify business ownership; you simply decide one day to climb into the cockpit. You might have an imaginary co-pilot but chances are you're all alone. And after a few pre-flight checks (website, social media, product in inventory, a few dollars in the bank) you take off. 

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