My name is Zev Asch.

I’m a marketing executive who has spent his entire 30 year career in the trenches of small business.


I founded LEDAZA upon a promise of efficacy and integrity to the business world.I've seen far too many business owners learn the hard way that get-rich-quick secrets only work for the self-styled gurus who sell them.

My vision for LEDAZA has been to do away with false promises and cookie-cutter templates for success. Instead, I forge genuine relationships with every client I work with. All of my marketing plans are custom tailored to my client's industry, culture, and vision

LEDAZA is neither a consulting firm nor a marketing agency - it is both, and more. When a client chooses to work with me, I become an intimate member of his or her team, present at each step of the process (assess-plan-execute). I'm a hands-on marketing executive who rolls up my sleeves and treats the success of my clients as my own. 

No matter what condition your business is currently in, I invite you to schedule a free, no-strings-attached call and find out how I can help you grow. I look forward to hearing from you.



Zev Asch