(1) We have clearly defined & written BUSINESS goals
(2) We have specific (and written) MARKETING goals
(3) We have a WRITTEN Marketing PLAN
(4) We allocate a BUDGET for each marketing activity listed in the Marketing Plan
(5) We have a clearly defined BRAND
(6) Our Brand is properly & consistently COMMUNICATED across all marketing channels
(6) We have a written description of what MARKETS & SEGMENTS we serve
(7) We have a written description of the WANTS/NEEDS of our prospective & existing clients
(8) We clearly define & COMMUNICATE the benefits and value that make us BETTER and DIFFERENT than our competitors
(9) We have afresh and effective website that yields engagements with low bounce rates
(10) We have a documented, tested & effective lead GENERATION program
(11) We have a documented, tested and effective lead CONVERSION process for our sales team or staff
(12) Our sales team/staff is continuously TRAINED to communicate our differentiation, benefits and value
(13) We TRACK the results of all our marketing activities
(14) We actively ENGAGE with existing customers
(15) We have a documented process to own, and address, when we FAIL to deliver what we promised
(16) We consistently MEASURE our customer retention rate
(17) We routinely AUDIT our customers' service experience
(18) Marketing plays a CRITICAL role in our Company's GROWTH
(19) Our financial KRAs (Key Results Area) include lifetime value of customers, lead acquisition costs and profit among others.
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