360° Business Vital Signs Assessment

The 360º Business Vital Signs Assessment is an in-depth, independent and unbiased analysis of key drivers in your business; a comprehensive report  that identifies; what is working, what can be improved, what is not working and a step-by-step action list of the steps necessary to correct, improve and get your business growing. This is a four-week intense engagement that include interviews with your leadership team, managers, employees and customers and:


The Marketing Assessment includes review and analysis of current marketing activities and spend including website, social media advertising, etc., and current ROI on conversions.


The Sales Assessment includes examining the current sales process, conversion rates, sales cycle and individual performance by members of the sales team. This phase will include personal interviews and meeting with each sales person

Customer Experience:

The Customer Service Assessment assesses your customer service operations and the value and experience you provide. We analyze customer retention, brand awareness and how you measure your service culture.

Leadership/ Culture:

The Leadership-Culture Assessment includes interviews with members of the management team to gain insight and in-depth understanding of the company’s internal process/operations. This phase typically helps to identify potential managerial or cultural challenges that impact turnover, productivity and growth. Participation in select management, operational and marketing meetings.